Why a Web Site?

Why a Web Site?

And why we can help

We are

  • Targeting small companies, sporting organisations or other non-profit organisations that do not have a large budget to allocate to such an activity but in need however of increased visibility on the web.
  • Using WordPress CMS tool as the support to achieve effective results quickly

If you think your business is too small, that you do not have a budget, or that you have enough customers as it is, think again. Web site creation does not need to be expensive. People just “expects” web sites – even your existing customers!

Why a Web Site?

  • Potential customers use a search engine to identify companies or organisations. Without a website, your organisation will most likely not appear in the search results
  • Whatever is being proposed, people like to review the offers online and at any time, without having to go through a direct contact or having to visit a physical location
  • A significant percentage of your potential customers will not consider a company if it doesn’t have a website.
  • An old web site, ill designed or lacking key functionalities may also be a source of frustration for potential customers
  • The functionalities included may reduce time consuming tasks currently done by hand: online reservation, order management, e-commerce, stock management, event management, online communication, mailing, etc.

A Web Site, but how?

  • The quality of a website will reflect the quality of your organisation and will influence the potential customers
  • A website needs to be well designed so as to offer clear and intuitive navigation paths. Many potential customers will leave a site if they cannot find what they are looking for within a limited number of clicks.
  • A website can be the means to communicate on what the business or organisation does and give all relevant information that a potential customer might need without them having to pick up the phone.

Ok, but I would like to have complete control

  • Maybe you think that you would rather do it yourself to have complete control? – We’re here to help with that too to kick start and accompany you on your journey
  • Do bear in mind that, for a complete beginner, the process is time consuming…