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What we do

Design Web Sites using WORDPRESS

For a new site or a redesign of an existing one


Technical assistance for your own WORDPRESS site development

WordPress is a free tool for Web Site Creation that is widely used within the Web Community​

A unique, highly customized web site that fully reflects your domain, your values and your approach.

An ergonomic, simple, effective web site to ease navigation and improve the customer experience.

A web site that includes all the functions you need, thus reducing some time-consuming administrative tasks.

A web site based on known and recognized open source software that does not require proprietary maintenance – therefore without any long-term commitment!

An accessible web site with a fair price to address small structures


Software Engineer, having worked many years in Software related activities within large Telecom Companies in England and France, I evolved towards Web Design and Creation through specific websites I was asked to do and training I undertook.

I propose my services to design, create and set up your web site, at a cost effective rate, in such a way that your business/entreprise will easily be able to update the content as and when needed – and will  ensure the continuous running of the web site.

I have a network of Graphic Designers, Experts in Communication and Digital Marketing, Photographers as well as other Web Designers that can assist me for specific requests or needs.

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You prefer to control your site but don't know where to start?

Many offers exist today to make your own website, cheaply and fairly easily, BUT, the possibilities are often limited, the results similar to those of your potential competitors and nevertheless quite time consuming!

If you want to stand out but want to have complete control over your site and its future developments:

I offer my services to help you take full control of WordPress through remote sessions (zoom, skype, …) as well as to provide advice and support during the development of your site.